Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dont Change - Do what YOU love now!

This was my first major quilt project. I started this back in 1982. I wanted to make a beautiful quilt for our bed. I purchased all the material and planned on doing a log cabin quilt using Eleanor Burns "Quilt in a Day" book. I was so excited I was doing it in blues and pinks a great blending of my husbands and my favorite colors. Right as I was starting to work on it I realized that when I got it finished when I put it in our bedroom, it wouldn't match the rest of the decore. Specifically I was worried about matching a rocking chair that I had just recently re-upolshtered in a rust colored fabric. I thought if I would just change my plans a little I could match my rocking chair and make the quilt for our room and still love it. So 3 of the fabrics I changed to be rust instead of rose and maroon colors. And off I went sewing away, getting my quilt done. After I got the blocks all pieced I laid the blocks on my bed to get the arrangement and realized it was nice but I no longer LOVED it.
I kind of fizzled out in excitement to finish it for 2 reasons
1. I realized all this work MUST be quilted, it wouldn't be good enough to tie it (it wouldn't do it justice) and since I hate hand sewing that was a big, big deterant and
2. I really really missed those colors that I had first bought and planned to use, everytime I looked at it I think, I wish I would have....
So the blocks sat and sat and sat for years unfinished. Finally about 12 years later, I finally drag it out and sewed it all together and placed the borders around it into an unfinished flimsy, still not sure what I will ever do with it when I do get it finished because it doesn't match anything in my room anymore and I would probably never put it on the bed to use. So what do I do?? We do use it once every year at christmas time when we get it out and pin it across the hallway over the entrance to our parlor where the Christmas tree sits hiding from enquiring eyes what Santa brought on Christmas morning until we are all fed and ready to go in together.
Log of Love....abt 1994
So what have I learned......
Don't change to match (especially a piece of furniture that I have long since changed and re-upholstered too). It is important to make and do what sings to your soul NOW, so you can enjoy it NOW. It is important to fill our homes and especially our bedrooms with things that we LOVE and enjoy NOW. We probably will change things later but that is OK we need to sing OUR SONG NOW!

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