Friday, October 10, 2008

Twisted Joy

It's quilted, its bound, it's done!!!
I have been hoping and thinking that life would settle down so I could get some quilting done, but I never was fitting it in. I talked to A-J and she had a slice of time between her big quilting projects on the quilter and DD-6 was home from school for October Break, so we decided to jump at the chance and squeeze it in too.
We finally broke away some time and got it done. DD-6 and I went over today to Aunt J's and got her quilt for her bed finished. It's amazing what a finishing touch the quilting does, it helps to blend and makes it oh so huggable. DD-6 chose out a fun twisty meandering quilt pattern that just fits this quilt. The center blocks are pattern called "Twisted Sister". The outer strips are just a way to use up the leftovers and make the quilted bigger to fit a twin bed. A fun way to use up the scraps. This quilted I have named to be "Twisted Joy!"

Lesson learned: We is never really time to do these things, we just need to plan, squeeze it in and get it done anyways!

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Kathryn Olsen said...

It's AMAZING the beauty you can squeeze out of a couple of inches of material. I LOVE THIS PATTERN! I like the twist J made with it in the picture! Great job!

Side note- we DON'T think you're crazy for all these beautiful quilts you do...I think it's a perfect outlet for you. They are BEAUTIFUL!!