Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bela's Bow's........Finished Finally!

With the holidays hitting I was just overwhelmed and didn't get Bela's quilt all finished until after the new year. But I hope she will think it's worth the wait. I LOVE IT. This is the 3rd of my experiment of Bow Tie Blocks. The first for Logan, had basic blocks all blues, two colors per block. The 2nd for Mason was still in all blues but 3 colors per block to mix it up a bit. Now this one is just plain bright and fun. Any color goes and both 2 & 3 color blocks. I arranged them around and around, each ring with it's own kind and added a few bows for fun to help fit the quilt name of "Bela's Bows". The quilt is backed by a bright and super soft orange fabric ready to cuddle in.

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