Thursday, January 8, 2009

?? Experiment Table Square

This was a fun experiment with scraps. I found this pattern in I decided to try it out with just the scraps I had in my 2" strip drawer...

Lesson Learned: Both the need for good 1/4" seams. Since I love to sew with the serger all my seams are bigger than 1/4" which doesn't usually matter enough for me because ALL my seams are bigger but in this pattern it really throws off the size and strips. The other thing I learned or at least need to learn about is how to correctly add borders. I need to measure across the middle then cut the borders that size because I just started sewing them on and because all my blocks are on the bias it stretched and waves now. It is a good thing I was learning all these things on a practice piece not some HUGE project that I really cared about and mattered.

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