Wednesday, July 19, 2017

YW Unity Quilt

This quilt was made with all the scraps from the YW's pioneer aprons and bonnets. When we went on the pioneer trek, the stake sent out a pattern and asked the wards to help their girls all make pioneer skirts and bonnets.

We had a couple of YW activity nights helping them get these all done. After we were done, there were scraps from everyone's projects left. I gathered them up and went home and cut them into small squares and made special pockets for their aprons that I called their ward unity pockets, because they had a small square from each of the girls skirt from our ward. After that was done, I still had a number of squares left so I made a 9 patch block for each girl in their ward (once again using their skirt fabric scraps) and made them into a quilt representing our ward girls. There is a block for each girl and leader, (they each were able to sign a block) and our theme for the year: "Knit together in Unity and Love".

The center portion (drawn by one of our special artist - Janet Ayala) is framed with the words:

"Lives pieced together....
Stitched with smiles and tears....
Colored by memories.....
And bound by love.

Jaime was able to help me get this all quilted with with the YW torch in the stitching for a special quilt, which we presented to our YW secretary (Julie Willis) as she moved out of the Ward. She has been in the Young Women's program for a number of years. She was in the presidency before my turn as president and continued on as my secretary and really made a difference keeping us going and organized.

I need to find a picture of us in our pioneer clothes with the pockets showing

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Testimony In Fabric

We have had a YW staying in our home for the last few months. She is a sweet girl but has had a rough past and is still struggling many issues in her life.

While she has been here I just barely got my embroidery machine. She would sit beside me as I was learning and using it. The very first thing I really put together with my embroidery machine was a quilt for Joyze mission with great thoughts to encourage her while on her mission (that is a story for a future post).  MW wrote me up a list of possible phrases to use. One night as we were talking and sewing again I felt impressed by the spirit that MWneeded something made for her that gave her these messages to ponder on each day.  So I started in using the test scraps I had sewed out while learning. I went out and found some scraps of fabric and found I had some great options that matched in flannel (a lot of the test I had run on a off while flannel. So using those and the leftover blue dot flannel from a past baby blanket I had made recently (for Stephanie O) I was on my way. I was not sure exactly what to do. I didn't have enough time for a blanket - so the idea I came up with was a pillow. Each step of the way and each square, what words to write became an act in faith, relying on the spirit to guide this project. Not having any plan when I started, I think it came together really well

So this is the back of the finished project - a pillow of encouragement, love and testimony.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lazona Seuss Camp Quilt

Each ward was assigned a special book, ours was Gertrude McFuzz.
Which you can see pictured in the middle.
(yes I had it specially printed onto fabric)

Lazona Seuss Camp - 2012
I bought one special Dr Seuss panel and used all the pieces I could to make 2 possible quilts.
You can't see it very well but the picture of the cat in the hat near the bottom left was actually two different pieces from two different sides of the fabric panel I purchased.  I pieced them together the best I could, so it is a bit skinnier than the original but works OK AND YOU HARDLY NOTICE.

The most interesting part for me on this quilt was trying to figure out on my own (with no pattern or instructions) how to make the funky wonky squares work and be able to piece them together. This one I pieced together in 3 long panels first getting as wonky as I could with the white borders.

The back of this quilt happens to be a "to die for cuddly" royal blue minky - with Dr Seuss like dots of course.
This fun memory quilt was lovingly made and given to JoDee Dillard our Ward Camp Directory who is moving from our Ward.  All the girls signed the middle block.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Conference Prep and Fun Pillows

Made up some conference notebooks for the YW. We are having a conference Jeoprady after conference and I wanted to help prepare them for the fun.
I have made quite a few of these fun and fast pillow tops from Charm packs. This one is for Heidi - she is moving away from sad. But I want to her know she is taking a piece of our heart with her (that is represented by the one bright red square in the pillow but it is also trimmed in red because love never ends it is one of the few things we can take with us where ever we go)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ma Z's Zoo

This is such a fun, dear quilt. The blocks for this were made by my wonderful quilting bee friends. I sent out the torquoise alphabet and animal fabric and requested wonky logs. It is so fun to see all the fun prints and wonkyness that they sent back.

A close up of some of the fun.

Quilted with fun little animals, how many do you see?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Wedded Bliss

I've had quite a few wedding showers to go to lately for special YW in my life.
Here is what I have been making for these sweet girls entering into "Wedded Bliss"
I love this fun pattern using a charm pack. It is called City Windows (I think I found it on Moda Bake shop) I like changing up the backing tho - so I can use the extra charm squares for another quilt instead of using them all from the charm pack for one table topper.

Monday, August 1, 2011


It is finished and quilted!!
Now with the quilting done I have renamed the quilt (thanks to DH suggestion) to BLOCKHEADS! This is quilted with a fun puzzle pattern but it also looks like little heads popping out of the boxes.
This is flannel and backed with a fuzzy back so it is fun to cuddle up with and enjoy. I took it to camp for a great quilt perfect for using in the wild.