Monday, June 28, 2010

#2 Fruit Salad

I was shopping and saw a fabric that made me think of Nikaela. I loved this fun fruity print. I bought a small amount and set about to make a fun picnic quilt for Ammon and Nikaela. I was able to pull from my stash everything but the green with pink dots fabric. I had The green denim, and the other fun fabrics and thought a bargello quilt would be the perfect (and quick) was to put together a picnic quilt. When I was done is so reminded me of the yummy layered fruit salad that Nikaela made for us at a girls retreat. (the one at Camille's). Thus the quilts name was born.

So what have I learned...... memories are special and they creep into our lives from everywhere. A piece of fabric or even the look and placement of a pattern.