Saturday, October 17, 2009

Spring Duet

I am soooooooo pleased with how this quilt turned out.

Sometimes things just come together and this was one of those times.
I am so thankful. I had just got a new pattern that I was so anxious to use and make so I was searching my stash for fabric. The more solid like fabrics were left overs from another project and unbelievable they perfectly matched up to a set of 5 FQ's I already had!! How fortunate can I be. So I was off and sewing. After I had the middle pieced I was stuck with how to border it. I had finally decided after mulling and looking for awhile that I would just border it with a nice wide white border. A day or so later I happened to go shopping and picked up 1 little charm pack of a new line that caught my eye (though I had no idea how I was going to use it yet). I brought it home and looked through all the fun swatches and FELL IN LOVE with this fabric and knew it would be the perfect finishing border!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Reuse - Reuse

Lately I have been using up some old jeans - reusing them for new and wonderful things.
I am really liking how these are turning out.

This cute bag...
is a great way to use up and old pair of jeans.
I used pockets from the pants on both the front and the back.
It was so fun to make and I think will be even more fun to use.

PicNic quilt...
I have also been making a picnic quilt out of old jeans and old shirts.
I am almost finished. This is it so far.

(the idea was inspired by a picture I saw on flckr)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Scrappy Christmas Block Swap

From flickr I joined a Christmas block swap.
We were each to make and send 2 Christmas blocks to our swap partner.
These are the terrific blocks that I made & received. I am so excited
about this wonderful Christmas quilt that soon will be finished.

I'm just going to add one more borders then it will be ready to quilt!!
I think I will quilt it in red thread.

Yipee!!! Just in time!

(A little closer look at the blocks)

Punkin Patch

I am so excited for Halloween. I saw this cute quilt idea in a local quilt shop and knew I had to make me one for my holiday display wall. It is such an easy idea with snowball blocks making the pumpkin heads and just appliqueing on a cute jack-o-lantern face. It look so fun hanging up. Mostly made with scraps
(I only had to buy the fall leaves border)

Here is a Halloween quilt/decorations challenge you can join hosted by Toni with a giveaway!

Favorite Quilt

Amy is hosting an amazing quilt festival and is asking people to share their favorite quilt. My favorites are not always the best for fanciest (this one is very simple) but based more on what I learned in the process. So here is the one I want to share about my journey in quilting.

Back at valentines, I fell in love with the valentines fabric line by moda "Love is in the Air". I wanted a special valentine feel for my holiday display area. The first thing I made didn't quite give the look or feel I wanted so this was try #2. I finally got it right. Quilting is always a creative process and not everyting turns out right but that is part of the challenge and beauty of it. This is what I wrote that I learned from this particular quilting experience....
Lesson Learned: Things often don't turn out how we imagined or wanted but, we can still enjoy the fruits of our labors. It may be in a different way but still to be enjoyed. Also if we will do just a bit more work, what we wanted and imagined can also happen too!

This is the original quilt. It is not that I don't like it, it's just not the look and feel I wanted for my diplay area. This will be a very loved and used quilt in my family room area. I named it "Looking for Love" and it reminds me to find and give love to everyone I see.

Click here for my original post on this quilting project.

Park City Girl: Quilt Festival - Fall 2009

Unbelievable...this just started and I am already #373. Just look at all the inspiration!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Here is a quick repentence....

I learned my daughter was pregnant with her 3rd about a month ago so I started making a possible quilt. Since she already has 2 boys I was secretly hoping for a girl for her. I was following a quilt group on flickr and they were making wonky block. I so wanted to join in the fun and make her a quiltthat way so I pulled and pulled all my pinks and got started. Of course we didn't know what she was having yet so it was a gamble. I had thought I would call the quilt "Power of Pink" if it was a girl and if not the quilt would be named "Pink Wishes".

Well...we found out today that she is having a boy. Yipee!
I also had some quick repentance to do lest she, her husband or this wonderful new baby boy would EVER think that I was not thrilled and absolutely excited about this new addition. So I quickly got to work TODAY and immediately made a new quilt...
This is called "Spot Alot" and fortunately I had a bunch 5 x 5 squares of a baby charm pack. All it is waiting for a some material for the outside border then I will be ready to quilt.

We are excited ....we (actually my daughter) is having another boy!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Teacher's Pet (for Alicia)

My niece Alicia was having her first baby and graduating from ASU with her Teacher's degree at nearly the same time. We thought this "Teachers Pet Quilt" would be the perfect gift to celebrate this new little addition to the family.

Just look at what a doll Tanner is!!1