Sunday, September 21, 2008

Think Outside the Box

One thing I truly love about quilting is being able to think outside the box (or square). Thinking outside the box is what quilting is all about and what makes each quilt so wonderful and beautiful. Recently I ran across a great pattern (on the internet here)that taught this fun easy 3 seam pattern for making 3-D bow tie blocks. I tried it once and was hooked, what a fun simple block to easy and fast! So I proceeded to make a whole group of scrap blue and white blocks using up lots of my stash. When I got a group of them done my oldest daughter suggested "what would it look like if you sewed a 3rd fabric in the center" I thought that sounded great so then a whole new group of blocks began to appear. What fun!!! These two groups of blocks made into some darling beautiful quilts for grandbaby-4 (a boy) and grandbaby-5 (a boy) which I am giving to them on their birthday.

Mason Blocks and Logan Logs ...9-08

Lesson Learned...Think outside the box (or blocks)! The same block with exactly the same fabrics looks totally different when mixed up a bit. There is more than one way to do things and both are great!

And if you think these are fun...just wait till you see the next one for grandbaby-6 (a girl) It is in progress and will look even more different and will use both types of block - the 2 color and the 3 color. I can't wait!!!


Kathryn Olsen said...

What a fun blog for you mom. You have surly made some incredible quilts! It's so much more than just sewing fabric together, you seem to learn, grow and apply it to life. Beautiful!

camille said...

Its fun to see you make time for YOURSELF and do what you love. i think that is so important as mothers, to make a litte pleasure time for ourselves. thanks for your example. your quilts ARE beautiful!