Monday, July 20, 2009

Finally - One ON TIME!!

I finally finished one Bday gift on time. My d-d-in law's birthday was Sat. and I actually got her gift done. I had actually bought the charm pack months ago when I saw it because it just jumped out at me and looked liked something she would like. Of course I never got around to sewing it until a week before (my typical procrastination) and I was sweating about it because I was having major sewing machine problems but we got them fixed....just in the nick of time! whew!


It turned out so fun!!!

Best of all I think she like it too!


Beth said...

Hi! Thanks for joining the Scrappy Christmas Block Swap. Could you send me your email address? I will be sending out an informational email this weekend.


Emily said...

So, I found your blog on a random google search. I am looking for the author of the quote you have on your sidebar "Families are like quilts: Lives pieced together, stitched with smiles and tears, colored with memories and bound by love"
My mother in law claims that it was said by her husbands grandma, but I suspect she is wrong and I know I've heard it before. Do you happen to know who originated that saying?

Joyzelle said...

In response to Emily...
Sorry I do not know where exactly that quote originated from. I have heard it in a few different versions but close to the same but I have no author noted anywhere. Sorry.