Sunday, April 6, 2014

Testimony In Fabric

We have had a YW staying in our home for the last few months. She is a sweet girl but has had a rough past and is still struggling many issues in her life.

While she has been here I just barely got my embroidery machine. She would sit beside me as I was learning and using it. The very first thing I really put together with my embroidery machine was a quilt for Joyze mission with great thoughts to encourage her while on her mission (that is a story for a future post).  MW wrote me up a list of possible phrases to use. One night as we were talking and sewing again I felt impressed by the spirit that MWneeded something made for her that gave her these messages to ponder on each day.  So I started in using the test scraps I had sewed out while learning. I went out and found some scraps of fabric and found I had some great options that matched in flannel (a lot of the test I had run on a off while flannel. So using those and the leftover blue dot flannel from a past baby blanket I had made recently (for Stephanie O) I was on my way. I was not sure exactly what to do. I didn't have enough time for a blanket - so the idea I came up with was a pillow. Each step of the way and each square, what words to write became an act in faith, relying on the spirit to guide this project. Not having any plan when I started, I think it came together really well

So this is the back of the finished project - a pillow of encouragement, love and testimony.