Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kimree's Krumbs

It's done...
it's done...
it's done!!
I will do a dance and a jig!

This is the quilt that I made for Kimree's bed.
The pattern is a 3 sisters design called Crumbs.

After being at least a year since I pieced the top - I FINALLY HAVE IT DONE, QUILTED AND BOUND.

I don't have a picture quite yet but believe me I will get one soon.

?? Experiment Table Square

This was a fun experiment with scraps. I found this pattern in I decided to try it out with just the scraps I had in my 2" strip drawer...

Lesson Learned: Both the need for good 1/4" seams. Since I love to sew with the serger all my seams are bigger than 1/4" which doesn't usually matter enough for me because ALL my seams are bigger but in this pattern it really throws off the size and strips. The other thing I learned or at least need to learn about is how to correctly add borders. I need to measure across the middle then cut the borders that size because I just started sewing them on and because all my blocks are on the bias it stretched and waves now. It is a good thing I was learning all these things on a practice piece not some HUGE project that I really cared about and mattered.

Parlor Windows

I got my very first quilt magazine and fell in love with a quilt to make.

I love how this turned out!!

I especially like those cutesy little white squares in the corners.
This was even an amazingly simple/quick quilt. I would make one of these again.

Scrap-twist Scrapper

Sometimes you've got to just use up some old fabric from the stash (especially past projects) I found this great website that

in scrappy quilts and fell in love with this particular pattern (click here). I just had to make one with my drawer of 2 1/2" scraps. I love how it turned out. I love the magic movement that happens as you sew the blocks together.
I really love how fun it is to use now that it is finished!!! We keep this in the family room always ready to use.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bela's Bow's........Finished Finally!

With the holidays hitting I was just overwhelmed and didn't get Bela's quilt all finished until after the new year. But I hope she will think it's worth the wait. I LOVE IT. This is the 3rd of my experiment of Bow Tie Blocks. The first for Logan, had basic blocks all blues, two colors per block. The 2nd for Mason was still in all blues but 3 colors per block to mix it up a bit. Now this one is just plain bright and fun. Any color goes and both 2 & 3 color blocks. I arranged them around and around, each ring with it's own kind and added a few bows for fun to help fit the quilt name of "Bela's Bows". The quilt is backed by a bright and super soft orange fabric ready to cuddle in.

Birthday Wishes

My daughter was wanting to make something special for a special friends birthday. Her idea was to get a few T-shirts and make a simple quilt. Well after we got only one shirt but a very special one...simple is NOT what it stayed!!!Here are the fun blocks made for around the sides using flannels and jeans...

And here is the T-shirt in the middle.... />

Baby Bargello (for Melina)

This is my first experiment with a Bargello quilt.
It is a fun one to make.
You sew strips together into a big block,
Then you sew that block into a tube.
Then you slice the tube into strips.
One seam of the tube is unpicked and you sew them together.
This is a fun and fast project.

Here is the link to the real instructions: