Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Looking for Love

For Valentines I fell in love with a beautiful set of fabric. It was " Love is in the Air" by Moda. Being the frugal (OK cheap) person that I am I couldn't bring myself to buy more that one charm pack and 1 yard of 1 fabric to enjoy but I wanted a whole quilt for my holiday display wall. So I looked around at what I had - some great red material and came up with a pattern to use (one I had done before (my "Parlor Windows" that I originally got from AP&Quilting Mag. Apr 2008 Dandelion wished ***this was my first Quilting magazine and my first project from a Magazine). Sew, sew, sew and this is what I came up with.

BUT....while I liked the pattern, fabric and quilt, it came out too dark. Not the "Valentine feel that I was wanting. I did love the little table topper that I made using the leftover fabrics. It did fell very "love like".

So I had to try it one more more charm pack. I went a bought one more charm pack, not sure what pattern I would use and lo, and behold in the store they had hanging on their wall a quilt that was just the look I wanted. They let me take a picture of it. So I went home figured it out and made it!! I love it, it is just what I wanted. The only thing left is to add a great red border then brown border and quilt it. I couldn't wait so here it is displayed with my holiday display wall. Notice the cute Valentine notes of Love that A&M family gave us - perfect!

All (meaning my first quilt) is not lost because I did find I love it in the family room on the it has a great home. Now if I just get these all quilted for next valentines - I will be prepared!! Another bonus is we will get to use it and not just view it. I am sooooo pleased!

Lesson Learned: Things often don't turn out how we imagined or wanted but, we can still enjoy the fruits of our labors. It may be in a different way but still to be enjoyed. Also if we will do just a bit more work, what we wanted and imagined can also happen too!

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