Sunday, February 22, 2009

Heidi's Patriotic Quilt

A great and fun way to use up old jeans in a pretty

Heidi wanted to make a quilt that was
for her mother.

They were having a suprise patriotic birthday party, so Heidi made her first quilt. It was fun to watch her cut out the jeans for the blocks. She wanted to make sure to have some nice frayed knees (because her mother hates ripped knees) and some fun pockets (maybe to tuck a sweet suprise in). Heidi found some great fabric with the each of the armed forces seals that we just had to use. Her mom served in the Canadian Navy, her Dad served in the army (they were both stationed in Germany when they they met and married then Heidi grew up an "army brat" as her Dad continued to serve. Of course the colors are red - white and blue with demin (in blues and creams) and fun printed reds. The quilting specially spotlighted stars. With the leftover armed forces seals we made a fun pillowcase to use with the quilt. Heidi did a great job!!

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