Thursday, April 8, 2010

Copycat and Expanding

I saw a great tutorial here, teaching a fun quick way to use turnover packs. I loved it, I even had the exact turnover pack already so I copied them and their idea.

Here it is so far. Still needs a border and quilting but I love it. So much so that I decided to make another with another turnover pack that I had. Funny enough my other turnover pack I already had was exactly the one they demonstrated on, oh no - copy cat again???

Here is the next one which is currently on my design wall.
This is a work in progress, I am branching out an expanding just a bit, because I used tutorial to put together my blocks but I am laying them out in my own way. As you can see I am planning on sashing the blocks with cornerstones. Using one turnover pack, you can make exactly 10 blocks, so I chose to use them all. This quilt will be 3 blocks across and 4 rows down. That left me with 2 empty spaces to fill.

The blocks made me think of fun flowers. So I decided to add a yoyo in the center and a button to help you really think flower.

I decided to fill the empty spots with some favorite flower quotes:

Concentrate on the flowers of life and not the thorns.
We should savor the smell and beauty of both
the rose and cactus.

The other quote is by Abraham Lincoln and will say:
All my life I have tried to pluck a thistle
and plant a flower,
wherever the flower would grow
in thought and mind.