Friday, April 17, 2009

Online Quilt Festival

How fun and inspirational, Amy of Park City Girl's is having a Blogger's Quilt Festival. She asked for us to post a favorite quilt and blog about it.
I love quilts and learn something new each time I make one. But the quilt I chose to use is my daughters quilt that she made at age 9, last summer. She is now 10

She wanted to learn how to sew and make a quilt. Quite a big project but we had the summer ahead so away we went. She chose her favorite colors bright and happy pinks and purples. She had recently seen me make a bargello quilt and wanted something like that so away she went sewing long strips of each color together. She loved operating the sewing machine but getting the hang of sewing straight took a bit, but with every strip she got better and better. At first I sat with her and helped her guide but soon she was doing it all by herself. I realized as she was sewing it our original plan needed to be modified and simplified for her to feel successful and not frustrated. So she cut the strips into 3rds and swapped one and added sashing (so no matching seams) She also wanted to use our leftover strips and then added a border. We took her quilt over to her Aunt Jaime's house to quilt it. I think running the big quilting machine was right up her alley since running computers is not scary at all but second nature to her. She didn't let me touch it, except to help her pin it on to get her started.

I love the confidence she has gained from sewing this quilt. She has even told me that she is going to help me get some of my quilts tops quilted and finished. (I have a tendency to get the top done but have lots and lots of unfinished "flimsies")