Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kimree's Quilting

Kimree has been watching me all year work on quilt after quilt in any of the spare moments I have. She asked me if she could make one and I jumped at the chance. What a great way to learn how to sew. I decided it would be easiest to sew long strips together and then cut and rearrange and resew. So we started to sew. At first it was slow going, she would sit in front of me and I would be in back but she wanted me to help hold and help her guide all the time. She would control the presser foot and the speed but she wanted my help for the rest. But strip after strip she improved, getting better and better, her confidence grew and pretty soon she was sewing on her own. I realized while we were sewing these strips, I better come up with a slightly easier plan or pattern, what I had in my head would take too many matching sections and this would frustrate her and ruin her confidence in sewing on her own so I just decided to cut our rectangle of strips into 3 pieces and put sashing strips in between so then we had no matching seams at all. (whew...much better!)

Wow Kimree's quilt turned out great!!!

Then we were able to take it over to Aunt Jaimes house and quilt it. Kimree is a real technology baby, because she was very comfortable working this big quilting machine. Just put her at the computer and she goes to town (She wouldn't let me touch it)

The other night as I tucked her into bed, under her beautiful quilt, I mentioned I needed to get some of mine finished and she said "I can help you get yours done".


Slade curtis said...

awesome sounds like fun

Brent Olsen said...

Technology and quilting have finally come together. . . now I've seen it all. :-)

Kathryn Olsen said...

Way to go Kimree! Your quilt looks beautiful. Those skills will really help you when your a mommy. The more you learn the better! What a great example you have to learn from. Take advantage!