Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Journey of Life

This was a real fun project. I started with a scrap bag that I purchased. I wanted to make a zig zag quilt but I wanted to do easier this is what I came up with....I took one scrap and sewed it to one long 4" by WOF piece of muslin or other light strip. Then after they were all sewn I cut them into triangles and they opened out to perfect 1/2 square triangle blocks.
This is how I put them all together. I could not bear to let the leftover end pieces go to waste so I sewed them together to make the hourglass blocks and added them as a border on the bottom and top.

I call this my "Journey of Life" because of all the up's and downs and twists and turn that come to us in our lives. But look at how beautiful and wonderfull the tapestry of our life looks like when we can see the whole picture not just our current triumph or trial that we are in the middle of right now.

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