Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lazona Seuss Camp Quilt

Each ward was assigned a special book, ours was Gertrude McFuzz.
Which you can see pictured in the middle.
(yes I had it specially printed onto fabric)

Lazona Seuss Camp - 2012
I bought one special Dr Seuss panel and used all the pieces I could to make 2 possible quilts.
You can't see it very well but the picture of the cat in the hat near the bottom left was actually two different pieces from two different sides of the fabric panel I purchased.  I pieced them together the best I could, so it is a bit skinnier than the original but works OK AND YOU HARDLY NOTICE.

The most interesting part for me on this quilt was trying to figure out on my own (with no pattern or instructions) how to make the funky wonky squares work and be able to piece them together. This one I pieced together in 3 long panels first getting as wonky as I could with the white borders.

The back of this quilt happens to be a "to die for cuddly" royal blue minky - with Dr Seuss like dots of course.
This fun memory quilt was lovingly made and given to JoDee Dillard our Ward Camp Directory who is moving from our Ward.  All the girls signed the middle block.