Wednesday, July 19, 2017

YW Unity Quilt

This quilt was made with all the scraps from the YW's pioneer aprons and bonnets. When we went on the pioneer trek, the stake sent out a pattern and asked the wards to help their girls all make pioneer skirts and bonnets.

We had a couple of YW activity nights helping them get these all done. After we were done, there were scraps from everyone's projects left. I gathered them up and went home and cut them into small squares and made special pockets for their aprons that I called their ward unity pockets, because they had a small square from each of the girls skirt from our ward. After that was done, I still had a number of squares left so I made a 9 patch block for each girl in their ward (once again using their skirt fabric scraps) and made them into a quilt representing our ward girls. There is a block for each girl and leader, (they each were able to sign a block) and our theme for the year: "Knit together in Unity and Love".

The center portion (drawn by one of our special artist - Janet Ayala) is framed with the words:

"Lives pieced together....
Stitched with smiles and tears....
Colored by memories.....
And bound by love.

Jaime was able to help me get this all quilted with with the YW torch in the stitching for a special quilt, which we presented to our YW secretary (Julie Willis) as she moved out of the Ward. She has been in the Young Women's program for a number of years. She was in the presidency before my turn as president and continued on as my secretary and really made a difference keeping us going and organized.

I need to find a picture of us in our pioneer clothes with the pockets showing

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