Saturday, October 11, 2008

Quilting for Service - a family affair

One summer we were very busy making quilts for service. The need was for fun happy quilts for children. Many people got together and drew on white blocks (backed temporarily with freezer paper) fun happy pictures to put on our quilts. We just used regular crayons and then ironed the colors into the fabric to make it permanent (Make sure to use paper bags under and on top of the fabric)

We volunteered to sew them together into quilt tops. One of my daughters volunteered to make some from scratch, completely into quilts. She had each of her cousins and sibling to color at least one block. Then she put them together and we tie quilted them.

These quilt tops made us happy and we worked on these fun bright happy colors. We hope that all the children who received them felt happy and loved as they got to use and enjoy their quilts.

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