Sunday, October 31, 2010

Love Blooms - Again is another quilt festival.....
Since #1 this quilt festival is right during our anniversary, #2 it is just getting cold enough here to put on this warmer quilt on my bed, so it is on my mind and #3 one of my daughters just got engaged....I am thinking about love and this my "Love Blooms" quilt. This is what I made 2 years ago for our 30th anniverary.

Happy Anniversary!!!

We went out-of-town for the weekend before, so on Monday (our actually anniversary day) I had a free day, that of course I didn't want to do anything I usually do and especially not any housework. So I escaped to make us a quilt for our bed. I had recently purchase a small jelly roll of strips in fun colors that I couldn't resist. I looked around in my stash and found a sparkly maroon that I liked with it and I was off. I really didn't have a pattern in mind but just started making block. I took 8 1/2" block out of the maroon and sewed the strips to the outside. After I got all those sewed the next step was to figure out how I was going to place them, straight or on point and what in between. I decided for simple and straight with just a plain block of dark green (from a bolt I had from a possible upholstery project. And I was going to town. I got a lot of it done. In the next few days I just had to pick out my favorite 4 prints to buy and add for borders and then off to Jaime's to quilt it with a wonderful flower stitch, going along with my love blooms quilt.

Lesson learned:
Love does bloom just like quilts. Sometimes we don't know exactly what we will get or end up with. We make a decision, choose our mate then we just jump in whole-heartedly. We make decisions as we go, keep working and working and working. Giving our all and doing the best with what we have. Bordering it all with lots of love, adding a little spice & sparkle or highlighting the favorite parts here and there. Behold we look back at the whole picture after 30 years of love and hard work and say WOW! Look what we have done and look at where and how our love has bloomed!!

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Kari said...

Heartwarming story to go with your beautiful quilt.

Lonci said...

Very nice quilt:)

QuiltSue said...

What a great story to go with a great quilt.

Julie Fukuda said...

Aaah, nice quilt and a little something to think about as well. Thanks