Thursday, January 28, 2010

#1 Poochy PicNic

Jenelle has been introducing me to a whole new world of trying to be a good and enjoy being a dog owner. She convinced us to let Kimree have these 2 Shih Tzu puppies for her birthday (responsibility, right?) Truthfully she enjoys these two dogs as much or more that Kimree does. So for Jene's picnic quilt it only seemed appropriate to make it using dog fabric and quilt it with dogs and bones. I used a simple pattern of denim blocks between a bordered dog block. Adding a fun rainbow strip (material used at Aunt Janel's wedding) that Jen had a dress out of as a child. Also this quilt is backed by an old sheet that Jenelle had on her bed as a child. So this quilt brings all kinds of memories. Bringing the old in touch with the new.

So what have I learned......
quilts are a fun way to re-use,
re-purpose and remember!

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