Friday, January 29, 2010

#3 Redical ....dude!

This Christmas I wanted to do picnic quilts for the older kids but Kathryn already had a great one she had made. She had just moved into a big spacious home so I wanted to make a quilt for her home. Especially for her family room to be loved, used and cuddled with for many years to come. I enjoy looking on the Internet for ideas and I saw a picture of the back of someones quilt and loved it and knew I wanted to make one just like it (as the front - the real quilt). I backed it in cuddly corduroy with leftover scraps and quilted it with triangles.

So what have I learned......

Simplicity is powerful.
I love the simple blocks that look like they are inter-connected. It was so fun figuring out how to make this one as I only saw a picture. I can figure out things, it's fun to design things from scratch with only an idea and the guts to try!
You may be surprised at what you can do if only you will try.

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