Thursday, January 28, 2010

Christmas quilts.......2009

I have been a great slacker in the last months about posting to my blog. I was working really hard to finish up 11 quilts for Christmas. I so wanted to post them as I was getting them done but I was afraid some of my family might see my blog and would discover their Christmas gifts and ruin the surprise. So here all the great quilts given this past year.
1. Poochy PicNic
2. Fruit Salad
3. Redical...dude
4. Piece o'Papa
5. Dot to Dot
6. Turtle Crossing
7. J-Blue
8. Orange Blossom Joyz
9. Simply Slade
10. Kimree's Krumbs
11. Bessie & Bill

I will individually post pictures and write-ups for each one.

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