Sunday, January 31, 2010

#4 Piece o'Papa

I have been saving old jeans and shirts from Jon for awhile now and have wanted to make a quilt to enjoy using them. I saw the idea for 1/2 triangles with shirt strips that I thought would be fun to do. As I collected together the fabric scraps because they were mostly in the red and blue colors they made me think of Camille and her home. So I decided that for the Steven's picnic quilt it would right match. Rugged jeans (light and dark) and old boyish shirts for her male dominated family. Just for fun I threw in a fun fun extras (like the smiley fabric from a pillowcase she got for Christmas one year). I hope it brings fun memories for years to come, memories of home, memories of her dad (Papa Jon) and many new memories as used.

It makes me so happy...a place of honor in her home!

So what have I learned...... it's all about layout. This is made by the exact same block but the color of the jeans and the placement, make the design pop!!
And of course the fun dots on the border just make it fun!


Mom said...

Piece o' Papa is a perfect memento. Exciting pattern too, and great matching the quilting to the piece. But that label tops everything. It looks like a line drawing of a photo? How did you do that?

Joyzelle said...

I did it through print shop. I am not fancy enough to understand photoshop. I took the picture and edited with a "filter" that was suppose to make it look like a drawing.