Sunday, January 31, 2010

#7 J-Blue & #9 Simply Slade

I found a flickr group that was doing a modern sampler quilt along I decided to join. (Just look at all these fun and yummy quilts!)

I loved all of the blocks, they were so fun. As I look through all the fun pictures of other peoples quilts, I found that I loved the back side of the quilt as much or more than the front side. I needed quilts for the boys in their room and I thought that these blocks would be the perfect touch of quilting and simplicity and look very manly at the same time. I took two sheets, a dark blue and a medium blue and cut those 1/3 by 2/3 for the front. I used my fabrics and made all the blocks for the mod sampler then we placed them all up on my design board and I let each boy choose a favorite block. We went around and around till they each had their choice of 7 blocks. I got the blocks in a strip and pieced in and then there they sat...waiting for me to finish. Christmas gave me the push to finish. Also at that time J was going to be getting a bigger bed than a twin size so I quickly used some of the leftover blocks and made his quilt wider. (I thought it was quite ingenious and a good thing I had more blocks.

I still have a few more blocks and plan to make some toss pillows for their beds....someday!

So what have I learned...... a quilt can have as much or as little piecing
as YOU want on it.
Go with what you like and want....that is right for YOU.
Maybe that is why I like to quilt....I can be my own boss and call my own shots.

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